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What is RP Select?

RP Select is the pinnacle of excellence in beef, meticulously hand-selected by our experts from the finest farms across the British Isles. Aged on the bone for up to 7 days, each cut embodies unrivaled tenderness and flavor, reflecting our unwavering dedication to quality and craftsmanship. With precision cuts, rigorous quality assurance, and a commitment to sustainability, RP Select represents the culmination of our 45-year legacy of reliability and uncompromising quality, offering discerning consumers a truly exceptional dining experience.

Experience the Difference

Key Features of RP Select:

  • Aged to Perfection: Aged on the bone for up to 7 days.

  • Precision Cuts: Everything is cut and packed to our agreed specs.

  • Rigorous Quality Assurance: We've been meticulously working on this project in the background for the last 6 months, with multiple meetings and visits ensuring quality assurance prior to product launch.

  • Trusted Partner: We have chosen Dunbia to produce our brand because they are market leaders in high welfare, high quality, and high standards of animal welfare and sustainability.

  • D.N.O.B Labeling: Our packaging features D.N.O.B (Do Not Open Before) labels, providing guidance on when to open the packaging to ensure ultimate quality. Not opening before this date ensures that the maturation process continues within the bag.

  • Innovative Tenderizing: Dunbia is the only slaughterhouse in the UK with equipment that tenderizes meat through a secondary electric current after slaughter, ensuring consistently tender meat.

  • Locally Sourced: Only beef from the British Isles is used in RP Select.


Stuart - Director at Slim Butcher

“I am a new start up business that has been trading for 5 months. I have solely used RP meats since opening as that is the only company that had the same values as my own business. They are upfront honest and provide timely service. In particular Vince, who I deal with daily, is exceptional at providing me with what I need and when, at competitive prices. I’ve no need to shop around at other suppliers as I do not believe I would get any better service and products.”

Graham Maides, M and B Meats

“RP Meats are what I need from a meat supplier. The sales team are always there to help and if they can will always try their best to get the goods that I need. Prices are always very competitive. Quality is there at all times.”

Pete, Frank Richards

“I've been a loyal customer of RP Meats for well over 30 years now, and I can confidently say that your service has consistently exceeded my expectations. Your prompt response times and dedication to resolving any issues I encounter, shows RP truly values their customers. The products are top-notch, but it's your exceptional customer support that keeps me coming back. I highly recommend you as a company to anyone looking for quality products backed by outstanding service.”


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  • 3.2KG+ FILLET




  • 2-3.5KG RIBEYE



Pre-order now to ensure you get your preferred cuts! With our beef meticulously selected from top farms across the British Isles, pre-ordering guarantees you won't miss out on the exceptional taste and quality. Don't wait until it's too late – reserve your order today and experience the difference with RP Select.

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